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Medieval motte surviving as an earthwork, with traces of probable former bailey. Chapel hill is a conical motte, 110 feet in diameter at the base, 45 feet across the summit and circa 20 feet high situated in Arkholme churchyard. There was no distinct traces of ditch around the mound although the sunken footpath to the north west probably represented part of its former course. A raised earthen platform covering about half an acre stood adjacent to the motte and may have acted as a bailey. A small excavation on the summit of the Motte in 1904 revealed two distinct phases, one below the turf and another 9 feet lower. The lower deposit may represent a possible ringwork phase. Further excavations in 1973-4 confirmed the presence of two phases and suggested the upper phase was incomplete. Medieval pottery and a Neolithic or Bronze Age scraper were also found. Scheduled.

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