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Celtic monastery probably founded by a St Carroc. Canons are recorded here in Domesday Book. Refounded as a secular college circa 1236. Crantock has documentary evidence for a pre-conquest religious community and an extensive enclosed Christian cemetery. Dissolved in 1549. In the 16th century Nicholas Roscorrack mentions the church (SW 76 SE 21) as having seven churchyards, his description may have referred to the enclosure. The 1727 Terrier states the churchyard as having an area of 2 acres with the ruins of a chapel situated near to the church. The chapel is that of St Ambrusca the Virgin (SW 76 SE 35). By 1839 a new churchyard was enclosed from the old churchyard. Inhumations, mainly cist burials have been located within the old churchyard. Investigations of the area North, East and South of the enclosure for indications of the lan to have formerly been more extensive has produced no results. To the west many burials have been noted, along the Beach Road and higher up the valley sides (SW 76 SE 25). These burials, as yet, cannot be explained in terms of an extension of the religious enclosure.

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