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A multiple enclosure fort of late Iron Age date, located on the summit of a hill 3.5 kilometres south east of Perranporth on the north Cornish coast. The interior of the fort is surrounded by three concentric lines of defence. The inner oval area is 40 metres east-west by 22 metres north-south and occupies the highest ground available within the hillfort. It is defended by a rampart 3.5 metres high surrounded by a ditch 4.9 metres wide. The middle line of defence, which surrounds the central core at distances of between 22 metres and 26 metres, includes a rampart 2 metres high fronted by a ditch 3.9 metres wide which is less visible on the southern side of the hillfort. A counterscarp bank follows the line of this ditch along part of its northern circuit. A third concentric ditch, but near circular rather than oval, is just visible in a series of slight scarps on the break of slope at distances of between 60 metres and 90 metres from the inner defended area; this outwork has a diameter of 230 metres. A bank forming part of a hedge on the south west side, may also represent part of these outer defences.

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