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A brick and stone built portal and part of a brick lined culvert which drains water from a coal mine into Yellow Brook as it runs through Bottling Wood. The brick arched drainage adit was driven into a coal mine in 1653 by the mine owner, Sir Roger Brandshaigh, and was completed in 1670. The mine was subsequently extended and improved in the 19th century. The underground drainage system extends back towards the east for 936 metres to Parr Pit. Only the portal and 2 metres of the brick arched entrance to the drain, however, are included in the scheduling. The entrance is formed by two brick pillars supporting a large concrete slab, framing the brick archway of the drain where it exits into the Yellow Brook. The pillars stand 0.8 metres high from the bed of the stream and the slab measures 1.4 metres long by 0.2 metres deep and about 1 metre broad. The brick arch for the drain springs from a level floor 5 metres wide and stands 0.7 metres high. The north bank of the brook is revetted with rough stone walling for 1 metre on the west side of the entrance and 5 metres on the east side. A steel grille has been fitted across the entrance to prevent intrusion. Scheduled.

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