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Remains of a courtyard house standing close to the site of a 12th century moated manor house. Three of the moat arms survive, two are still waterfilled while the third has been converted into a grass walk. The manor house was demolished after 1490 and replaced by a mansion standing on higher ground to the west. This house was itself largely demolished between 1560 and 1570, leaving only the brick-built entrance range, probably originally the stable range, part of which was probably extended in the 17th century. A substantial courtyard house was subsequently built on the site but this had fallen into disrepair by 1800 and many of the buildings were dismantled, leaving only the South Cottage, which had formed the south eastern corner of the house, and the gatehouse. The remnants housed the parish workhouse between 1796 and 1855 and were later used as farm buildings. The site was sold in 1930 and subsequently altered and restored. The Priest's House, now standing in the gardens developed after 1930, dates from the 16th century and was always a free-standing building. It is thought to have housed the chaplain associated with a chapel which was founded on the site in 1235.

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