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Dominican Nunnery founded 1349, dissolved 1539, refounded 1558 until 1559. Dartford Priory stood on the site of Hall's Engineering Works. It was founded by Edward III about 1349 in the buildings of a former royal palace. New buildings had been erected by 1356. The priory was suppressed in 1538 and the buildings converted into a royal house which was at first occupied by Henry VIII, then granted to Anne of Cleves by Edward VI, later used by Queen Elizabeth but alienated by James I. The principal remains of this house consist of the Gatehouse which was built by Henry VIII between 1541 and 1545. Under the Catholic Queen Mary it was reoccupied by the nuns between 1557-8. After the return of a protestant monarch it was subsequently used as a farmhouse until taken over by Hall's Engineering Works. The remains, all now within Hall's Works, include the Tudor gatehouse incorporated in the Royal manor house circa 1543, and the precinct wall remains. Human remains have been found at the site.

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