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ALTERNATIVE NAME:  Mobilisation Centre

Fort Halstead is a mobilisation centre constructed between 1895-97 and comprising vaulted barracks to the west and a magazine on the east. It was one of fifteen forts to act as a defences against invasion, storing ammunition and equipment ready for troops to defend London. The scheme was abandoned in 1906. During the First World War the fort was used as a defendable ammunition store forming part of the London anti-invasion stop-line. Following sixteen years of private ownership the site became, in 1937, the Projectile Development Establishment providing a remote and contained site for rocket development. From 1947 it became the High Explosives Research Headquarters for the development of Britain's atomic bomb. Atomic weapons research and development continued at Fort Halstead until 1955 when staff transferred to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston, Berkshire. Fort Halstead has since continued as a government defence research establishment concentrating on explosives and other research.

Fort Halstead is a scheduled monument. For the designation record of this site please see the National Heritage List for England

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