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Remains of flint built castle, begun circa 1100, extended in the 12th and 14th centuries, recently modified. The castle is approached from the South by an early 14th century barbican which is followed by the Early Norman gatehouse which contains herring-bone coursing. There is some contemporary walling to its right and left, also, and more substantial curtain walling East of the Castle Gate House. On the West mound stands a shell-keep, again early Norman though strengthened by two 13th century turrets. The only other remains are some walling and a tunnel-vault North of the keep belonging to a house along the path West of Castle Banks and some chalk masonry of the other mound, called Brack Mount. Originally there was a second shell-keep here.

Lewes Castle. Gate and Keep early C12, or possibly late C11. Towers C13. Barbican C14. Additional Castle Walls round the bowling green and car-park. Medieval walls of flint and rubble. C13.

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