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Late 2nd century temple of Mithras was found during excavations at 248 Walbrook, Bucklersbury House in 1954. The temple had a rounded apse at the west end, a central nave, and two side aisles separated from the nave by sleeper walls, bearing settings for the bases of seven columns on each side. At the western end within the apse was a raised sanctuary, and at the eastern end was a narthex slightly wider than the main part of the temple, with which it communicated by a double doorway opening on to three steps down into the nave. The narthex was not be excavated. In the southwest corner of the southern aisle was a wooden tank, which was covered in a later phase of the occupation of the building. A succession of seven floors of earth and gravel had been laid because of flooding from the Wallbrook. The last but one of these, dated by coin evidence to the reign of Constantine, overlay carefully buried marble sculptures of Mithras and other deities.

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