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"Castle Ring", a motte and bailey situated at the edge of the precipitous North facing slopes of the Downs, an unusual position, but one commanding a view North over the Weald, and South to the coast. The motte is circa 30.0m in diameter and 2.0m high, though reduced by mutilation on its summit, enclosed by a ditch, circa 6.0m wide and 0.8m deep with traces of an outer bank. The sub-rectangular bailey to the North of the motte is 35.0m East-West by circa 30.0m North-South internally, enclosed by a bank, circa 8.0m wide and up to 1.0m high and a ditch, circa 6.0m wide and 2.0m to 3.5m deep below the crest of the bank. An outer bank is visible on the West and South-East sides, but the steep natural slopes to the N make a bank around that side unnecessary. The motte is flanked to the North by two smaller mounds, probably resulting from the cutting of an East-West track across the whole work.

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