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The Augustinian Priory of St Thomas, which was probably founded in the reign of Henry I. It was originally the Priory of Aldbury in the parish of Send, but from the 13th century was called Newark Priory or the New Place Priory, Guildford. It was re-founded by Ruald de Calva in the reign of Richard I, according to its charter of confirmation of 1320. In 1262, the Priory held the churches of Woking with chapels at Horsell and Pyrford; Leigh; Send; St Martha's Guildford; Wanborough; Shipton; Weybridge; and Windlesham with its chapel. It was dissolved in 1538. The remains of Newark Priory comprise the South Transept to its full height but unroofed, the south wall of the passage to 2.4m above ground level, the north and south walls of the presbytery and choir to their full height and part of the north chapel to 1.5m. Excavations in 1928-9 recovered the full plan of the domestic buildings. The church was aisled with North and South transepts, and earlier chapels on both sides of the presbytery and to the East of the South transept. The claustral range contained the chapter house, frater, dorter, cellarers range, kitchen, parlour and reredorter. To the East of the South-East angle was the farmery. 50 feet West of the West side was an separate bell tower, and 500 feet West of the complex stood the gatehouse. There are no remains of the gatehouse and no other foundations are visible in the surrounding field.

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