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Augustinian monastery and Priory. Queen Adelisa, the widow of Henry I, who married as her second husband William de Albini, Earl of Arundel, founded a small house and hospital here for Augustinian Canons at some time before 1151. It was dedicated to St Bartholomew and was known as Pynham Priory, or the Priory de Calceto (meaning `of the Causeway'). The monks were responsible for maintaining the causeway and wooden bridge over the Arun on the South-East side of the town, and to maintain a hospital for poor travellers. It was suppressed by Cardinal Wolsey in 1525. Of the buildings, a portion of a square tower remains, which is now a farmhouse (of which the name is spelled Calcetto with two "ts"). Square 13th century building of stone rubble and flints with red brick.

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