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The remains of a Benedictine Priory at Abbey Farm, located near the centre of the village of Hoxne. The south western part of the monastic precinct with the remains of fishponds and a small moated site in the north western part of the precinct are scheduled. A secular college dedicated to St Aethelberht was founded here before 951 but was destroyed soon after. It was revived as a secular cathedral by 1040 when Hoxne was a joint see with North Elmham, but the association was dissolved in 1072. The church of St Peter and the Chapel of St Edmund, King and Martyr, where St Edmund's body had resided until translation to Bury St Edmunds, were granted to the monks of Norwich in 1101. In 1130, by when the chapel had been rebuilt, Maurice of Windsor gave the chapel so that a convent of Benedictine monks could be placed there. According to the 18th century historian, Blomefield, the monks were moved to the site of the chapel around 1226. The priory was not completed until 1267. Hoxne Priory was a small house of six or seven monks under a prior or warden who was appointed by the prior of Norwich. The Benedictine priory was dissolved in 1538. Hoxne Priory is of particular interest as an example of a small monastery dependent on a much larger monastic house. Scheduled.

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