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A Later Roman site with Iron Age and Early Medieval (Anglo Saxon) finds. Excavations in 1962 and 1964 reported evidence of Iron Age activity from a ditch with pottery; and later 4th century Roman remains which included a small dwelling or villa and a bath house.

The villa was recorded as a corridor and single range of rooms measuring 116 feet by 46 feet. Finds from the villa site included pottery, a pennanular brooch and a bronze steelyard.

The detached three room bathhouse appeared, from coin finds, to be contemporary with the villa. Recorded elements included a hypocaust in what was interpreted as the tepidarium. No evidence of use was recorded.

A Roman bracelet is recorded as a stray find near the villa site.

During the excavations later activity on the site was suggested by the discovery of a sword in the bathhouse hypocaust. This was dated as Saxon by Norwich Castle Museum.

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