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A medieval moated site known as Tadgell's which is located at the eastern edge of the hamlet of Housham Tye. The name 'Tadgells' is first recorded as Taggles in 1327, after the family of John Tagel. The moated site includes a rectangular island 30 metres east to west by at least 36 metres north to south. The island is contained by a water-filled moat on the east, south, and west sides. This measures up to 10 metres wide and a maximum of 2 metres deep. The northern arm was infilled at some time prior to 1896., when the 2nd edition 25 inch Ordnance Survey map was drawn up. A 6 metre section at the northern end of the eastern arm appears to haven been infilled after 1896 when it was depicted on the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map as open and water-filled. The remaining open section of the eastern moat ditch has also since been partly infilled and now can be seen to narrow towards the northern end. There is some indication of a building platform marking the site of an earlier house towards the southern side of the island, perhaps a forerunner to the present 15th century house which stands immediately to the north of the moated site. Scheduled.

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