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Two carucates of land and a mill at Duxford were bequethed to the Knights Templar by William de Colville who died in 1230. Duxford Temple manor eventually became a dependency of their preceptory at Shingay (TL 34 NW 14). The Templar's manor-house in 1308 included a hall and chamber, a chapel and a grange and other farm buildings. It probably stood in the area called in 1823 Temple Close, around the modern Temple Farm. When the order was suppressed in 1308, the preceptor was arrested and there were 15 dependants. In 1313 the house passed to the Knights Hospitallers who maintained a chaplain and bailiff in 1338, but not a preceptory. Reaney notes that the Templars held a manor in Duxford in 1275 and the Temple Farm is recorded as "terram (quond') Templar" in 1296. Traces of a rectangular moat is shown as having three sides on the enclosure map of 1822. The 16th century core of the existing farmhouse is probably the larger part of a medium-sized house which was considerably extended and altered in the 18th and 20th centuries.

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