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The Iron Age hill-fort, Bury Castle, consists of a sub-oval enclosure visible as an earthwork with two detached outworks. The enclosure measures 80m by 60m and is defined by a bank whih measures 1.6m high. A single entrance lies on the north east side of the enclosure. There are also two detached outworks. The first lies some 30 m to the north-west and comprises a single bank 10 m long and 2.7 m high with a ditch 1.2 m deep on its northern side. There is no clear entrance through the outwork, and it is likely that access was around its southern end where the earthwork fades. The second outwork lies 150 m to the north-west of the former and is about 120 m long. Its western half has been incorporated into a later field system and it is now indistinguishable from a field bank. The eastern half, which was initially identified by Allcroft, comprises a spread bank 4.5 m wide and 0.9 m high. Both outworks cross the spur and fade away where natural slopes begin to steepen. This is a scheduled monument.

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