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Two adjacent earthworks in Well and Chapel Woods, the latter possibly the site of a chapel. When seen in circa 1908, Well Wood enclosure was described as sub-circular with a well-defined bank and ditch on the East, the ditch being the more oustanding feature. The enclosure in Chapel Wood appeared to be triangular with a double bank and ditch on the North, the banks being the more outstanding. At the time, it was considered that the earthworks represented a moat. An excavation within the Chapel Wood enclosure by Datchworth Local History Group in 1955 revealed a slight raised platform, the packed flint foundations of a building oriented ENE-WSW, measuring 8.0m by 5.5m: a scatter of Mediaeval roofing tile was present. It is possible that this is the remains of a chapel. Field investigation in 1990 found the sites to be badly disturbed, and the chapel site `unintelligible'. There may be a stratigraphic relationship between the two sites.

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