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A probable Medieval ringwork and bailey is visible as earthworks and cropmarks visible on lidar imagery and aerial photographs. The ringwork is defined by substantial earthworks on its north west side, which is covered in trees. It comprises an outer ditch and bank around an inner ditch and curving bank about 19metres wide. It does not seem from the aerial photographic evidence that this inner bank continued to the south-east or was formerly part of a motte or mound. The south-east side of the ringwork has been levelled and is now defined by faint cropmarks, comprising a curving ditch which seems to be a continuation of the inner ditch forming the inner bailey. Another curving ditch extends from the inner ditch on the south side, this possibly connected to the outerditch, but this is not clear. This ditch likely formed an outer bailey. A linear ditch can be seen to cut through this outer bailey and although it is not clear if it is contemporaneous with the ringwork, it may represent an entrance on the south-east side.

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