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Site of a Roman villa excavated in 1943, the sequence of occupation of the site is as follows:- Late Iron Age settlement of the area of three phases consisting of oval and rectangular huts, the last phase is dated fron c. 43 AD to 61 AD. The first phase of the villa consisted of a simple rectangular building of five rooms and a cellar and is dated from AD 65 to c.AD 150. In the next phase dated from AD 150-250 a hypocaust, corridor and possibly a tesselated floor were added. By about AD 250 the building had become decayed, however possibly in the early 4th century AD there was renovation with new rooms and hypocausts being added. The villa appears to have been destroyed in the late 4th century AD. Excavations also produced some evidence for Early Bronze Age and earlier Iron Age occupation of the site. This site may have been destroyed by gravel extraction.

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