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Excavations have uncovered the site of a Roman villa; in 1973 a bath house was uncovered and in the 1980s a building, 13.2m by 3.6m, with two phases of construction was found. The first phase consisted of an open aisled barn with a north wall 1.2m thick. In the 3rd century it was converted into a villa when a south wall, furnace and hypocaust were added, the floor of which consisted of limestone under-packing covered with a layer of opus signinum and tiles. Immediately west of the building was a pit 17m by 7.0 m by 4.0m deep. Analysis of the clay from the pit edge indicated that it had been used for the manufacture of tiles which abounded on the site. Coins, brooches and pottery date the site to the 3rd-4th centuries. The grid ref in source 7e is wrong according to the SMR, it should be TL 0783.

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