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A motte is thought to be evidence on what was in the past called 'Castle Hill' in Kimbolton. It covers an area of approximately 60m by 54m and stands at 3m high with a ditch fo 10m wide and 1.2m deep. It is not of natural origin however buildings on the motte have not been discerned. On a map of 1673 the hill is shown as 'Castle Hill' and it is this documentary and conjectural evidence that had led to interpretation as a motte. On this basis it is thought possible that it may be the castle founded by Geoffrey Fitz Peter in the mid 12th century during the period of Civil War known as the Anarchy. In the late 17th or early to mid 18th centuries the hill was incorporated into a landscaped park although it seems to have been restored in the 19th century.

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