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Dominican Friary founded in 1259, surrendered in 1539. Excavations in High Street South and Friary Field uncovered remains of the Dominican Friary, cemetery and garden; Roman finds were also found. A range of domestic buildings were partly excavated in the 1920's, but there ws nor enough evidence to identify which buildings. The North nave and chancel walls were located and excavated in 1987-8. Three phases of building activity were noted. The church was built close to the North precinct wall, and was built in the 13th century, the nave being circa 25m long and the chancel 30m long. In the early 14th century the chancel was demolished, the area being used as a cemetery. In the mid 14th century, a North aisle was inserted in the church, a new precinct wall built, and a north porch inserted near the West end.

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