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It is not disputed that Maud, Countess of Clare, granted the Church of St John the Baptist, a second church, and the manor of Carbrooke to the Knights Hospitallers in 1182. What is disputed is whether a Templars Preceptory was started here as a result of a grant by her deceased husband, who died in 1173, with the preceptory unfinished. Maud also placed Sisters of the Order of St John in a hospital near the second church, but tese were moved to Buckland in 1180. The site is indicated by a moat, fishponds, enclosures, banks and ditches, all under permanent pasture. The major feature is a level rectangular platform. Several other scarps and platforms can be traced and a pond occupies the south-east corner but the north-west area of the site has been severely mutilated. Immediately west of this moated platform are three fishponds and associated banks and ditches. A small almost square moated island is probably the site of a dovecote. A substantial ditch with inner bank runs from the north-east corner of the graveyard of St. Peter and St. Paul's Church and follows the present boundary of the pasture field on its south to terminate at the fenced pond west of Wood Farm. This probably marks the perimeter of the preceptory, but ditches and banks of field or habitation plots to the north and east are probably associated with the complex.

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