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13th century tower, late 13th-early 14th century south arcade, 15th century porch and east vestry or sacristy added, 1703 spire damaged, 1769 screen removed, 1889 tower restored, 1890 organ chamber added, 1892 church restored and choir stalls added from designs of J D Sedding, 1901, further alterations including stained glass by E Buckle. There are two pieces of Early Medieval cross in the west wall. A medieval hospital was attached to the church. It has been hypothesised that the 8th-10th century cross fragments may indicate a Saxon precursor for the church. Porlock was attacked in 1052, as noted in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and so may have had a chapel or church. The dedication to St Dubricius is curious. The Rev W Hook thought it may have been the result of the translation of the saint's bones from Bardsey Island to LLandaff circa 1120, but that doesn't explain any connection with Porlock. A connection with the living saint or one of his disciples in the 6th or subsequent centuries is more probable, such as a monastic settlement or oratory at Porlock.

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