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The standing and buried remains of a medieval brick fortified house. The house is believed to have been built in the late 15th to early 16th century. The building formerly included a two storey range adjoining the north side of the tower. This range was dismantled in 1807. The monument includes the standing tower and the buried remains of the former range. The tower is rectangular in plan, measuring 9 metres by 8 metres, and stands four storeys high, with a crenellated parapet and turrets at the angles of the tower. The structure is mainly of red brick with stone window dressings. At ground floor level there is a brick vaulted chamber, or undercroft. The tower was formerly part of a larger building, shown by the bonding scars of a two storey range on the exterior of the northern wall of the tower. The range, forming part of the domestic accommodation, was provided with a communicating doorway to the tower at second storey level. The former range, running north from the tower, will survive as buried foundation remains. The present house was built circa 1807 and was altered and extended in 1860.

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