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The standing and buried remains of a medieval brick fortified tower known as the Tower on the Moor. The tower is believed to have been built in the mid 15th century as a hunting lodge for Ralph, Lord Cromwell, whose fortified house was located 6km to the south at Tattershall Castle. Documentary sources indicate that the tower was partly dismantled in the latter part of the 15th century when brick from the Tower on the Moor were used for repairs at Tattershall Castle. The remains of the tower survive as a buried feature, although a projecting stair turret still stands. Standing four storeys high, it is built chiefly of red brick, thought to have been locally produced, laid in English bond. Sections of the tower walls project from the south eastern side of the stair turret. The visible remains of the tower walls measure up to 2 metres in length and stand up to three storeys high with bonding scars visible on the upper storeys of the turret wall. Archaeological excavation of part of the buried foundations has indicated that the tower measures 9 metres square.

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