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The remains of the Abbey of St Mary, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1134 Robert de Gresley. It was dissolved in 1536, with the first documented reuse of the site dating from 1607 when a farmhouse was built out of the abbey ruins by Sir John Lockton. The abbey occupies a slightly raised area in the marshland 1km north east of Swineshead. In the raised area in the north eastern part of the monument, partly overlain by Abbey Farm, are the buried remains of the abbey's inner court where the church, cloister and dorter would have been located. Adjacent to the west is another raised area where the remains of the outer court are located; these would include stables, barns and other agricultural and service buildings, together with the principal gatehouse of the abbey. The foundations of stone walls and fragments of medieval artefacts have been located in the outer court. In the southern part of the monument are the earthwork remains of three rectangular ditched enclosures which represent the remains of paddocks or gardens. They are bounded on the west by the remains of a ditch, thought to represent the western boundary of the inner precinct. In the south eastern part of the monument are the remains of a series of parallel field strips separated by linear ditches, representing the remains of a field system. Scheduled.

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