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A windmill mound, situated 670 metres south of Bleasby Grange, and thought to represent the site of the medieval Bleasby Mill. Though Bleasby Mill is referred to in documents dating to the mid-13th century, it appears that the site was already in existence in the 12th century when the adjacent road layout was established. It is believed that this may indicate reuse of an earlier feature. The mound is circular in plan, rounded in profile and approximately 20 metres in diameter and up to 2.4 metres high. A shallow pit lies in the centre of the mound, now much infilled. The mound is surrounded by a dry ditch, up to 5 metres wide and now between 0.5 metres and 1 metre deep. There is a causeway on the southern side. The ditch is in turn surrounded by an outer bank, around 5 metres wide and about 0.3 metres high. Scheduled.

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