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The earthwork remains of the medieval settlement of Greetwell which was established before the late 11th century. The monument is in two areas separated by the railway line. To the south of the railway is an extensive area of earthworks including a group of ditched enclosures terraced into the top of the slope. Within these enclosures are the earth-covered remains of former houses and outbuildings, possibly including those of the medieval manor house of Greewell. The enclosures are grouped around a series of hollow ways. On the north side of the railway is a series of levelled, ditched enclosures representing further remains of house plots and animal enclosures. Some of these features partly overlie the remains of medieval ridge and furrow cultivation, indicating a later medieval or post-medieval expansion of the village onto former fields. Adjacent to the north and east of the settlement remains is an area of surviving ridge and furrow; further remains of ridge and furrow extend to the north west and south west of Greetwell Hall. Scheduled.

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