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Site of Anglo-Saxon nunnery and Medieval chapel, Stow Green. The monument includes part of the the site of an Anglo-Saxon nunnery founded at Stow in the late seventh century by Aethelreda, Abbess of Ely (see TF 03 NE 31). During the Medieval period the site was occupied by a chapel dedicated to St Aethelreda and by a fair held annually on her feast day. A chapel survived on the site until the early 20th century. The remains of the nunnery are therefore overlain by those of a Medieval chapel with cemetery and precinct boundary, and traces of post-Medieval activity relating to the use of the site as a fair ground. The remains of the Medieval or Post medieval churchyard were visible as earthworks on early photography but
later as cropmarks. The churchyard and possibly associated
features have been mapped from good quality air photographs. The churchyard was visible as a ditch defined rectilinear enclosure measuring 55m by 30m and centred at TF 0941 3508. The enclosure is bisected by a ditched boundary. The west and north ditches of the churchyard were filled with trees in 1946. The ruins of a, probably modern, derelict, roofless building used to sit on the south east
corner of the enclosure but this has now been destroyed. The chapel sits in the corner of a field surrounded by ridge and furrow. No trace of earthworks or cropmarks associated with the early Medieval nunnery of AEthelreda (TF 03 NE 31) were visible on the available air photographs. Nothing positively identifiable as earthworks related to the fair were visible but the faint traces of a Medieval or post Medieval building were visible as a
rectangular bank defined enclosure measuring 5m by 5m and centred at TF 0946 3507. A possible hollow way cuts through ridge and furrow from the churchyard site for about 270m eastwards to the hamlet of Stow.

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