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The remains of post-medieval garden features and enclosures associated with the site of the West Hall in the village of Threekingham. These features directly overlie a system of medieval enclosures including traces of ridge and furrow cultivation. The remains take the form of a group of earthworks located around an artificial mound. The mound is 2.5 metres high and 12 metres in diameter and has a ditch with an external bank to the east. This mound is interpreted as a prospect mound or 'mount', an ornamental garden feature of post-medieval date designed to overlook the formal gardens around the West Hall. Abutting the bank to the east of the mound is a roughly rectangular raised and levelled platform of 0.9 hectares. The platform is considered to represent the remains of a main garden enclosure. To the north of the mound is a second less clearly defined area of rasied ground of approximately 0.5 hectares which is almost triangular in plan. On its western side the platform overlies an earlier medieval field system which survives as ridge and furrow. Running south from the mound on a north-south axis for a distance of over 135 metres is a causeway bank 1 metre high and 5 metres in width which is interpreted as a raised path or walkway associated with the formal gardens. Projecting at right angles from the eastern side of the causeway are a series of low banks which form at least one sub-rectangular enclosure. This enclosure is considered to represent the remains of a smaller, separate garden feature in the nature of a walled garden or an animal stockade. Scheduled.

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