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Possible Roman villa, comprising enclosures containing a building and hut circle, seen as cropmarks. The cropmark is of an aisled timber building of four bays, standing close to a rectangular enclosure, which was bounded by a ditch. At Barholm the aisled building was accompanied by a rectangular setting of post-pits, perhaps a fenced enclosure rather than a covered building. The cropmarks described by authority 1 were mapped from good quality air photographs. They comprise a large double-ditched, incomplete enclosure, 80m wide, centred at TF 0969 1370, and interpreted as a possible Roman villa. It is sub-divided by ditches and contains smaller enclosures and a possible building. The building is seen as two rows of pits, 12m in length, at TF 0970 1370. More detailed structural elements of this building, as described by authority 1, were not visible on air photographs. Within the enclosure, at TF 0965 1367, is a small circular ditched enclosure, 5m in diameter, interpreted as a possible hut circle. Other linear features, overlapping the large enclosure, are possibly part of another enclosure, of a different archaeological phase.

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