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Cropmark traces of a possible Neolithic causewayed enclosure are visible on aerial photographs. The cropmarks were interpreted and transcribed by RCHME as part of the Industry and Enclosure in the Neolithic Project. Full details of the site can be found in the archive report. The site is located 650 metres south of the village of Barholm on almost level ground, with the River Welland to the south and its tributary, the Glen, to the north. A small beck flowing west-east lies circa 100 metres south of the enclosure. The enclosure itself appears as two oval concentric circuits of segmented ditches, the circuits being circa 10 metres apart. The maximum area enclosed by the outer circuit is around 158 metres by 195 metres. Palmer had transcribed three sections of ditch as part of a third circuit on the south east side of the enclosure. However, given the concentration of diffuse cropmarks in the vicinity of both archaeological and geological origin, it was not considered possible to positively identify these three lengths of ditch as definite archaeological features related to the enclosure. The only possible contemporary internal features are a number of pits. There is no record of any excavation being undertaken at the site.

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