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The remains of Shillingthorpe, a small medieval settlement first recorded in the early 14th century and largely deserted by the middle of the 16th century. The remains include a series of low earthworks which represent a small group of rectangular house plots aligned in a short east-west row. To the south of these features are the remains of a rectangular moated enclosure measuring 45 metres by 55 metres; the remains of three further ditched enclosures, each 25 metres by 30 metres, lie to the west of it. The settlement is adjoined on the west and north by its associated fields. In the western part of the monument are the earthwork remains of ridge and furrow cultivation, representing the surviving parts of two furlongs separated by a broad hollow way which runs east-west towards the house plots. Along the eastern edge of the monument is a linear bank and ditch representing a field boundary which formerly separated these surviving area of ridge and furrow cultivation from further furlongs to the east, now levelled. Scheduled.

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