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Stamford Whitefriars, a Carmelite friary, was founded in 1268 when Henry III gave six oak trees to the friars for the construction of their church. The site of the friary is located immediately east of the town walls on land sloping to the River Welland. It was dissolved in 1538 by Henry VIII. Today, the friary exists as earthwork remains. Until the publication, in 1974, of a survey of the religious buildings of Stamford by JS Hartley and A Rogers, the location of Whitefriars had frequently been confused with that of the Greyfriars. The survey outlined how documentary sources associated with the acquisition of plots obtained for the friary prove that it is not located at the eastern end of St Paul's Street as traditionally assumed, but in fact occupied the area immediately outside St George's Gate and north of St Leonard's Street.

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