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Cropmarks of a Roman villa consisting of a basilican building visible on AP's as 2 lines of large pits with a length of 30m centred at TF 0805 0660. This aisled barn sits within a partially visible ditch defined system of 5 conjoined enclosures, on average 20m by 20m. Within these enclosures were the faint cropmarks of two potential hut circles or small buildings. Various pits were also visible in the background but in an area where the background geology shows up as cropmark pitting it was not possible to discern whether any of the pits were archaeological or not. To the north east of the main complex of enclosures were further partially visible conjoined enclosures on average 10m by 10m, centred at TF 0798 0671. A substantial double ditched linear feature appears to form a boundary to the south and west of the complex. (Morph No. LI.777.45.1-6) The grid reference of TF 083 068 given by the source of authority 1 is incorrect. The grid references given for the features described above are more accurately located and coincide with those given by the source of authority 2 which takes its grid references from the original air photography of the site. Excavations indicate the aisled building was built in the mid-3rd century, demolished at the end of the century and replaced by a larger building; this in turn was demolished c.AD 370. Surface finds of debris indicate the site of another building to the north-west, possibly the main living block.

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