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A medieval moated site, located immediately north west of Little Pednor Farm. The moated site includes a roughly square-shaped island measuring up to 54 metres north-south by a maximum of 70 metres east-west, the surface of which is 0.3 metres higher than the surrounding ground level. The island is contained by a moat, which although infilled on all but the south west corner, is still visible as a shallow earthwork, measuring 0.3 metres deep. Where the moat remains open it meausres up to 12 metres wide and at least 1.5 metres deep and is accompanied by an outer bank, about 5 metres wide and 0.4 metres in height, thought to be derived of upcast from the ditch. The maoted site is thought to relate to the estate in the parish of Chesham acquired by Missenden Abbey in the 12th and 13th centuries and which, after the Dissolution was granted as lands called Pednor and Sextens Croft to John Lord Russell. In 1536 Richard Wedon purchased the freehold of Pednor Farm which was at the time known as Pednor Grange. The moated site is thought to represent the forerunner to Pednor House which is sited to the south. Scheduled.

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