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The earthwork and buried remains of a monastic grange and part of a hollow way situated to the north of Main Street on the northern outskirts of the village of Cold Ashby. Throughout much of the medieval period the grange at Cold Ashby is thought to have belonged to either Pipewell abbey, a monastery of the Cistercian order, or Sulby abbey. The central, southern part of the site forms the core of the monastic grange and includes small paddocks within which are a number of building platforms. These platforms are considered to represent the sites of buildings associated with the grange, including the monk's domestic accommodation, probably a chapel, and several agricultural buildings. To the west, north and east of the building platforms are five large rectangular closes which are bounded by low scarp and 0.25 metre high banks. These fields provide evidence for the agricultural activities of the grange. To the north of the grange's northern boundary are the earthwork remains of a hollow way 10 metres wide and 0.5 metres deep. Immediately to the north of the hollow way are the remains of further earthworks which are believed to define several paddocks. Scheduled.

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