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Worcester College, formerly Gloucester College, was established in 1291 as a college for Benedictine monks of the province of Canterbury; it incorporated an earlier establishment founded as a cell of Gloucester Abbey in 1283, and from this the college took its name. The site was given by Sir John Giffard in 1283 and the college was partly controlled by the general chapter of the Benedictine Order down to its dissolution in 1538. The site includes what was formerly the adjacent site of a Carmelite House (SP 50 NW 45), and St Alban's Hall. After the dissolution the buildings were sold and in 1560 repaired and occupied by a body known as Gloucester Hall. Worcester College was founded in 1714 under the will of Sir Thomas Cookes. The earliest surviving buildings of the college are the ranges of Camerae on the south of the site built at various times in the 15th century and a short range of similar Camerae on the north of the site. The bulk of the remaining buildings are 18th century.

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