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The earthwork and buried remains of a moated site believed to have been built by Reginald Mohun in the early 13th century. By the mid 14th century the estate had passed to the Stanleys, Earls of Derby, who held it for approximately 200 years. It was during this latter period that the moated site is thought to have fallen into disrepair and was abandoned. The moated site is roughly square in plan with external dimensions of approximately 100 metres east-west by 90 metres north-south and the ground falls away to the north. The moat ditches are dry, with the exception of part of the west arm, and some 4.6 metres wide. There are intermittent traces of an inner bank around the perimeter of the moated island which itself retains evidence of slight earthworks. An excavation in the western half of the island in the early 1950s uncovered the foundations of stone buildings, believed to date from the early 13th century, and fragments of painted glass, fine quality pottery and stone-lined drains. The remains of a curtain wall of large ironstone blocks was also located along the inner edge of the western moat ditch.

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