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Earthwork remains of an Iron Age multivallate plateau hillfort. Finds from the hillfort include a Roman coin hoard which was found in 1691. Other finds of Roman coins were made at later dates. Field investigations in 1976 found the hillfort to measure 116 metres east-west by 130 metres north-south. Its defences comprised two concentric banks, with a maximum height of 2 metres, and outer ditches which were up to 9 metres in width and 1.5 metres deep. Traces of a third outer bank were also identified, this was 0.7 metres high, but had been encroached by later ploughing. The possible original entrance and causeway were identified near the southeast angle, any evidence of inturning had been disturbed by later widening. The interior had been disturbed by later cultivation but no evidence of Roman occupation was seen.

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