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A parish church and cemetery. The church tower dates architecturally to the 14th century and is built in the Perpendicular style. It is suggested that a first church was built at All Saints in 1209 by the Knights Templar, possibly on the site of an earlier medieval church and cemetery. The remainder of the church was rebuilt between 1736 and 1744, probably by the architect Francis Smith, with two vestries added in 1903 to the designs of G. F. Bodley. The cemetery was closed to burials on the 1st September 1856.

The tower is 90 feet tall, and the original church was longer than the present building and can be seen today to have extended further to the east. Within the 18th century church nave there are galleries, with a semi-circular apse with a Venetian window at the east end. The wooden galleries were taken down in 1864 and the interior was refurnished in 1867-9 under William White and again in 1967-8 by Lawrence Bond.

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