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A medieval moated site which is believed to represent the remains of a Savigniac monastic grange associated with a monastic house established at Long Bennington in the late 12th century, see SK84SW3). The moated site is roughly oval in plan with straight sides on the north west and north east and covers an area measuring 270 metres by 170 metres. The moat, measuring up to 14 metres in width and 2 metres deep, encloses an island measuring 250 metres by 140 metres with an internal bank lining the southern moat arm. There is a roughly square raised mound in the centre of the island measuring up to 50 metres in width with an irregular surface indicating the position of buried building remains thought to be the grange farmhouse. At the eastern side of the island is a water-filled fishpond measuring 60 metres by 10 metres. A similar shaped but shorter shallow depression, measuring 20 metres in length, at the southern side of the island is thought to represent another fishpond. Scheduled.

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