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Medieval ringwork and bailey castle built in reign of Stephen (1135-54) including surrounding ditch and dam surviving as earthworks. Stone foundations of original buildings and curtain wall. Mentioned in 1216, 1226 and in 1246, it was probably ruinous in the 14th century. The castle consists of two enclosures; a rectangular bailey measuring 100 metres by 70 metres on the western side, and a smaller oval enclosure measuring 60 metres by 40 metres on the east. The surface of the bailey is flat with a slight inner bank on the west and south sides; a low mound with depressions on the north-east side represents the location of a guardhouse. To the east, the smaller enclosure is slightly higher than the bailey and contained the original stone castle which can be seen exposed in several places, especially near the entrance. The surrounding ditch varies between 20 metres wide on the west side, opening out to a 60 metre valley on the east. Situated to the south east is an earth bank, 6 metres high, which dammed the valley. Sauvey Castle has an unusual plan with few parallels nationally. Scheduled as a Ringwork and Bailey.

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