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Augustinian Abbey founded pre-1161, dissolved 1536. Former abbey church incorporated in present parish church. Buried foundations of associated buildings including gatehouse demolished late 18th century. Six earthwork fishponds and a boundary. The remains of the abbey buildings are located in the vicinity of, and incorporated in, the parish church of St Andrew. Features within the church date from the 12th century with a chancel situated below ground, external to the present church. It is considered that the cloister and its associated buildings lie to the south of the church where stonework is known to exist beneath the present ground surface. Further stonework can be seen exposed in earthworks 100m to the south-west which indicates associated buildings. The foundations of a building, surviving as an earthwork can also be seen some 300m to the south-west. A gatehouse, demolished in the late 18th century, stood adjoining the south-west corner of the nave. Two sets of fishponds are located to the west of the buildings and extend north-south. The first is a complex of four fishponds south of the road measuring 100 x 25m; 50 x 30m; 60 x 25m and 125 x 30m respectively. The complex is contained within a boundary bank and ditch up to 4m wide and 1m high which extends from the south of the site westwards. Across the road to the north is a further set of two fishponds which appear different to the others being long and narrow and contained within substantial banks up to 2m high. They measure 120 x 8m and 75 x 10m respectively.

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