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House incorporating part of an Augustinian Priory. The Priory of St. Mary at Felley was founded by Ralph Brito in 1156, and dissolved in 1536. There was already on the spot some sort of chapel of our Lady, served by a hermit. This chapel recieved an endowment from Ralph in 1151 and was placed under control of the Prior of Worksop, so when the hermitage was replaced by a small house of canons regular in 1156, this became a cell of Worksop. The new priory remained subject to Worksop until 1260 when it became independent. The community was never numerous and the church probably consisted of a nave and chancel only. The existing dwelling house almost certainly stands on the site of the buildings ranging along the west side of the cloister, and a good 15th century doorway in its west front is very probably in its original position, as is the case also with some buttresses, and a considerable portion of the lower part of the wall of this front. But the house itself has as a whole, been rebuilt since the dissolution of the priory, and the cloisters, with the other buildings surrounding them, have vanished. The precinct wall, fishponds, and columns possibly from the church survive.

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