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The standing and buried remains of a 15th century gatehouse, which formerly led to the courtyard of the fortified manor house known as Mackworth Castle. The standing remains comprise the facade and part of the outer side walls of a two storey sandstone building. On the ground floor is a round arched central gateway which, originally, would have been flanked by side chambers containing staircases, leading to the guard chamber on the upper floor. The remains of these staircases, together with the floors and wall foundations of the side chambers, will survive as buried features beneath the relatively modern brick outbuildings now flanking the gate. The medieval floor of the gate passage will also survive as a buried feature beneath the modern farm track which passes through the gate. The surviving walls of the first floor guardchamber exhibit evidence of a fireplace and show that the room was lit by straight headed, two light windows. The roof is crenellated and has corner turrets. The facade of the building is decorated above the gateway with carved stone heads and waterspouts.

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