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A circle of 11 standing stones with evidence that at least three more stones lie below the ground surface. The circle is situated on level moorland close to the edge of a west-facing escarpment known as Hordron Edge and overlooks the upper Derwent Valley. The stone circle is dated to the Bronze Age and is sometimes referred to as 'The Seven Stones of Hordron'. The circle measures 15 metres by 16 metres and is of local stone. The height of the stones varies from 0.45 metres to 0.95 metres with the largest standing at the south west of the arrangement. There is no trace of an embankment surrounding the circle, as with several stone circles in the Peak District, nor of central features. The stones are arranged in three groups with relatively wide spacings between each. During repair and restoration work in 1992, evidence for at least three more orthostats below ground was discovered and it is likely that the stones were originally more regularly spaced. It is unclear whether the present positions of the standing stones are original settings, but many are likely to be undisturbed. Scheduled.

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