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The monument includes the mound and ditch of Hope Motte, an earthwork sitauted on a natural spur overlooking the Peakshole Water in the village of Hope. The mound is likely to date to the early Norman period. From the north, the mound is 4.5 metres high but from the south the earthwork rises to about 11 metres above the river, due to the landslope. The mound has been truncated on its southern side due to river erosion, forming a cresent shaped earthwork. The mound has overall dimensions of 45 metres by 28 metres. To the north and west of the mound is a shallow ditch about 7 metres wide and up to 1.5 metres deep. Due to river erosion, it is not possible to say whether there was ever a ditch around the southern edge of the mound. Scheduled.

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